SHE IS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This poem is dedicated in memory of all the women that have lost their lives at the hands of men including my friend, 🕊Putsu Rejoice Shovaleka🕊 who’s culprit has not been found yet and justice not served, as well as Shannon Darlikie Wasserfall who was recently found dead after 6 months of her disappearance. May they all rest in power as we fight for them today.✊🏽🗣✊🏽🥀🥀

Where do I even begin!

Words unable to explain

How terrified she is to live as a girl.

For a women’s life is shortened.

Implying that women live on borrowed time.

Instead of sleeping sound at night.

She tends to have sleepless nights.

Praying to Almighty God ro protect

And see to it that she stays safe.

For the world has become a predators paradise

That they refuse to make it safe.

Afraid to fall victim at the hands of a man,

She is constantly reminded that a man can cause her harm.

As they fabricate violence in our society.

A sentimental temple she is in God’s eyes,

Her body is tarnished by a man’s dominance.

Not giving a shit about her life.

He grips ger way too tight.

Making her a punching bag

Rather than buying a punching bag.

As he twists her arm, she is frightened

Believing that she is a weak vessel.

Her soul frozen, her respect he has stolen.

As she shouts for his mercy

He takes her life.

With her body covered in bruises painted by blood.

She therefore becomes a hashtag.

Which apparently is the title needed for justice to be served.

She is not safe with our fathers.

She is not safe with our brothers,

And definately not safe with our lovers.

She is dying!!!!

While they merely percive her as an object.

Depriving her of a future.

So what can we do as a nation to save her?

To save her not only from her fears but from herself

For is afraid of not only being a women, but alive.

In a world she identifies as her home.

She is dying!!!!

Save her!

Save her from this world

And its perpetrators.

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