Teenage Oblivion

If you think about what it means to be a teenager, being a teenager can be very hard sometimes.

You are pressured by you parents to succeed, you are pressured by your friends to do things sometimes that you don’t want to do and last but not the least you are pressured by social media to hate your own body and take certain things and forced to wear a set of clothes just to impress other people. And all this happens to every teenager even to kids from well-adjusted good families.

Sometimes you are unable to be with the person who you love, like Romeo and Juliet or you lose the person who you love like Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Romeo and Juliet & The titanic

As teenagers and or young people we need to stop avoiding the truth, our truths which can either be our experiences and emotions. Because being young can be so painful and can almost be too much to feel, and when one is unable to feel this leads to one being suicidal or at least have thoughts of no longer existing.

Trust me, I myself used to get such thoughts but eventually they would disappear once I stopped hiding whatever that was eating me up inside because, the truth hurts in a sense that if you keep it locked away it might kill you but, once you set it free you free yourself from all the baggage and move on with your life.
So we should learn to say whatever that is troubling us instead of hiding it and also make sure to say it to someone who can actually help you get over it or help you get past it such as a therapist, guardian or someone that you really trust with your whole heart.

Talk to someone

I have noticed that the teenage years are uncertain because, you are somewhere between being a kid and an adult where the world tells you to express yourself and act matured but the minute that you do, it tells you to shut up!

But then again what I have realized in my last year of being a teen is that, you are never more alive than when you are a teenager because, your adolescent years are mostly your exciting yet challenging years where you get to make decisions and experience things for the first time such as love or heartache, success or failure, betrayal or loyalty, sadness or happiness, solitude, disappointment and growth.

So in the end don’t only enjoy your teenage years but, make them count. For Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “youth comes but once in a lifetime”.

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