A New Way Of Thinking

Are you here to experience life or to think about it.


I admit that it hasn’t been easy ever since the pandemic has started up until now, and most of the time I would just think and think till there was nothing to really think about. Thoughts are prominent in any individual’s life and not just any thoughts but the positive ones that bring meaning to life.

Moreover, to have a life with no worries, anxiety, stress or anger we should try as much as possible to adopt to a new way of thinking in order to fulfill and live up to our goals and not to forget God’s will for us, for he always has a plan for all of us; and to see it come to life we have to learn the value of well-established thinking.

Controlling Your Thoughts

Controlling Your Thoughts – The Harvest

Controlling one’s thoughts can be the most difficult thing one can do. I for one had troubles before. A couple of months ago someone had wronged me at the time and I was a wreck I tell you. What I didn’t understand though is what even happened to us to end up in the situation that we were in. So I would think and reminisce over and over about what had happened between us that made me feel so hurt. Knowing that I have a very short temper, every time I thought about this person I would always get emotionally upset and discouraged.  So in the end I can say my thoughts had affected my emotions and became words that I spoke. So I always felt so lifeless and kind of depressed. I had become someone I couldn’t even recognize and I didn’t like the person I was becoming so I took some measures into becoming who I really am. So next time you feel sad or depressed just ask yourself what you were thinking about and you will find a connection between your thoughts and emotions trust me it worked for me. Another thing is, we should always think according to God’s word for the devil always uses our thoughts to break us turning us against God which is not a good thing for we are God’s children and we need to learn how to live and think by the word of God.

There’s a scripture that I once read somewhere that goes like:

Why am I discouraged? ?

Why is my heart so sad?

I will put my hope in my God

I will praise him again

For he is my savior”

(Psalms 42v5)

This scripture from the day I read it till now always reminds me that no matter what I’m going through there is always hope and God is always there for me  because he loves me more than anything in this world.

Negative thinking

How to Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

Now this one is a rock and a hard place. Negative thoughts are the worst I tell you. A wise man once said “where the mind goes the man follows”. No matter how your life has played out it’s always best to have a positive perspective on life for its better to see a glass half full rather than it being empty.  I get that at some point in our lives we have negative thoughts but we will have to vanquish such thoughts and reinstate them with us getting to understand ourselves better and getting knowledge on and about certain things. For knowledge is key and without it we would all disintegrate.   

Lastly, we should always acknowledge and recall that re-established thinking is not a piece of cake, instead it seems like a needle in a haystack. But we should never give up, for those who really seek God are rewarded.


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