Hi guys hope your doing awesome🤩…. I actually had this poem for a while now, and i guess I grew some balls😂 and finally decided to post it.. Anyways hope you enjoy it😁💓

I see a torn girl,

That women loved to hate.

Her dance and art make her happy

As a kitty in a cream pie.

But she is culpable about it.

Cause as she feels pain

And woe in the world

Her dance and art feel insignificant.

I see someone who whispers

When something moves her intensely.

As words can’t influence

The greatness of a moment

But only shrink it, melting it away.

The greatest melancholy she’ll ever

Know settles on her shoulders.

As she refuses to perceive the

Beauty that shines through her,

Because she can’t recognise

Her fire of compassion

And denies to accept

How radient she is.

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