Day of The African Child

Today marks the day of an African child. It is said that on the 16th of June 1976, nearly ten thousand black students or rather children from Soweto, South Africa marched the streets to protest the poor quality education as they were being taught only in Afrikaans; as they were divided and restricted based on their race. More than a hundred students were shot – dead, killed by military forces and thousands injured. Today this day is remembered throughout the African continent and world.

Children injured from 1976 shooting

I still remember when I was in preschool and high school, I and my fellow schoolmates would always dress up at school in our traditional outfits and all the classes would be cancelled. My favorite thing about this day where the performances every class would present to the whole school including the teachers. It was so beautiful, lively, motivating and diverse seeing and listening to all the poems, songs and plays prepared. What amused me the most was, how people cared and recognized the day.

Since I’m not in preschool or high school anymore this year I decided to remember the day by dressing myself in a lavishing head piece and a dazzling colorful African print “oshitengi”. I also danced to Thabsie’s song – African Queen.

Claudia Diana

All in all I believe that all children have rights no matter what race they are or where they come from and we should continue to commemorate this wonderful day to remind us of the rights we have as children and the free quality education we have now. Not to forget the innocent students that had passed on during the 1976 shooting.

Let’s teach our children that they are important and beautiful no matter their skin color or flaws for Jesus once said, “Let them come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to those such as children, humble and innocent”.

Lastly, dear African Child never be satisfied with what people tell you you’re supposed to be satisfied with because you’re destined for more greatness and that’s a fact!

A blessed African Child’s day to all!💓💎

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