Does Colorism Matter?

Hey guys😊, today this article will be about colorism. My research proposal is centered on colorism so I thought; why don’t I write about colorism and how I feel about it? So without further or due let’s get to it!✨

Being a black person let alone a black girl in this day and age can be very challenging sometimes. Especially with the complication of Racism, one can only be bold, strong, confident, intelligent, brave and fierce.

Claudia Diana

We face racism almost every day in different worlds and societies; and as long as it is still a dilemma, colorism will no longer cease to exist.

An old children’s rhyme seizes the definition of colorism and how it works.

Many people are universally stereotyped and prejudiced based on their skin’s pigment. That they tend to cover up their skin with make up or lightening creams and bleach their bodies.

Body Bleaching

Growing up I was never really happy or proud with my complexion as some people would say “ You’re pretty for a black skinned ”, like what is that supposed to mean? So I wondered why I wasn’t light skinned like most of my friends, and at that moment I never really saw myself as beautiful as I had accepted the norm that being black is not all that.

This is observed in the present day where many black people especially women encounter racism as opposed to how they look, because the lighter you are the more attractive you are perceived to be and the darker you are the more ugly or unattractive you appear to be. But recently, this kind of concept has been and is being eradicated on social media platforms.

Moreover, some women claim that some men are to blame for the “divide” between light skinned and dark skinned women as dark women are held at a “lower standard”.

Is it really their fault though?

I remember once, my friends and I went out for a concert last year that was happening at school known as the 28/09 at the time. We were all dressed up and dolled up. A couple of guys approached us while we were dancing and made our acquaintance. But guess what? One of my girlfriends found one of the guys amusing, but homeboy was apparently not “interested” in her. Want to guess why? Because apparently she was “too black” for his liking, and he actually had the nerve to say “I don’t do dark black girls”. And that right there is how young black women lose their resilience.

Colorism does not only affect women but men as well with reference to post colonialism. Since people were oppressed by white folks they had no choice but to adopt to these monstrous ways.

Visualising racism and colorism

I for one believe that post colonialism is one of the reasons why men are so violent and abusive. They use oppression as a tool against women showing them how able, and stronger they are expecting women to be submissive towards them when they should be supporting, loving and caring for their women.

Why Colorism Matters

Colorism becomes an advantage for individuals with light skin. For example when it comes to social factors such as employment in some countries; black people work in lower ranking jobs or aren’t employed at all and have lower paid income. This also applies to some activities such as beauty pageants, movies, films etc. Colorism is destroying the lives of so many black people. The only way to fix it is to embrace all skin types and provide equal opportunities to each and every single person regardless of their color or race.

Thanks to black inspirational women such as Lupita Nyong’o, Michelle Obama, Amara Le Negra’, Zozi Tunzi, Oprah Winfrey, Selma Kamanya, Maya Angelou, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,

Inspirational Black Women

Issa Rae, Gabrielle Union, Zendaya, Beyonce Knowles, Monica Geingos, Halle Berry, Niki Minaj, Simone Biles, Tyra Banks,

Black Inspirational Women

Yara Shahidi, Emma Teofilus, Queen Latifah, Taraji P. Henson, Rosa Parks, Diana Ross, Toni Marrison, Maria Nepembe, Dr. Helena Ndume,

Inspirational Black Women

Naomi Campbell, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Dillish Mathews, Ciara, Whitney Houston, Miriam Kaxuxwena, Dr Latoya Mwoombola (Lioness) and Pombili Shilongo.

Black Inspirational Women

These women have proven that being black is powerful, as one can be strong, resilent, successful, and feel beyond proud and overwhelmed.

Black is beauty

I am passionate about colorism, because I know it has touched every person of color. But eventually we all learn to navigate through it as we grow older. So to every woman, man, girl and boy; your black skin is beautiful, powerful and confident. So spread some faith and love.

We are one and the same

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