Brand Aligning Chronicles

So I was doing my assignments and decided to take a break. While I was on my break I came across the words “Brand Aligning”. One of my friends was talking about it and even posted it on her whats app status. At first I had no clue what it was about but I did my research and felt the need to write about it.

So What Is Brand Aligning?

Brand Aligning

From my understanding, I positively think that it normally has to do with what your personal values are and the things or actions that one does to engage values and morals.

One of my core values is inner peace, creativity, passion and integrity. I’m a person that hates conflicts, around me and inside me. This however is sometimes hard to balance because of my short temper.

When I moved to the city (Windhoek) to start with varsity, most of my friendships didn’t work out as some of my friends were exposed to new things and I guess we wanted different things. Some of them changed to a point were they won’t even try to respond to my text messages or would not answer my phone calls or when they would see me while they were with their other “new friends” it was as if they where too embarrassed of me so they would just walk past me without saying “hi” pretending like they don’t know me.

So being me, I decided to cut them off completely, well some of them. Which for me was okay because being with people that don’t feed me with the same positive energy I am emitting just doesn’t work for me at all and at the end of the day it’s also a good way to end things as it doesn’t bring harm to anyone as I’ve come to realize too that one of my personal brand’s value is peace.

Mind you this had happened to I and my “ex best-friend” of 8 years since 3rd grade. She had changed as she went to high school. Not to mention her having another best friend at the time (worse than being cheated on). I was so hurt that the only way to solve the resentment and frustration I felt towards her was to withdraw communication and let her go.So as time went by, some actions started to develop that didn’t necessarily align with my brand. I think this happened because I really cared for her and loved her so much. To me she was practically the eldest sister I’ve never had and just like that, puff! She was gone.

I constantly kept saving and deleting her number which I know was absurd. I even followed her on Instagram after unfollowing her, stalking her and I would always talk about her with my other friends and current best-friend just to make me feel better about myself. I used to get angry when she was doing well and complained about it and would get excited and reminisce over her downfalls (which was very bad, not a good reaction right there).

Stalking is wrong!

Most of these reactions came naturally. However I told myself that I had to stop them and forget about them completely as they were not good and pleasant for my well-being and made me look like the bad guy. I then decided to pray about it every time these reactions came back to me and talked to someone about it and I actually got better, one good friend of mine once said, “And getting to the bigger picture, you WANT PEACE, protect it, conserve it, maintain it”, and I did just that.

My friend then remarked that we should never forget why we start something we want peace from. “WE NEED PEACE!”. It’s not always easy because circumstances differ, and yes I know. We need to make sure our actions align with our brands. It’s easy to blame and talk about others and tell them they are not aligning with their brands, but what about you? Are you striving for that amazing brand because sometimes we forget about our actions. Don’t get me wrong this happens in all our daily relationships including the romantic ones.

It’s like in the bible where it says something like, you see the stick in your neighbor’s eye but you can’t see the log in your own eye. Our actions should be in check with our thoughts. I am an over-thinker and even my close friends can testify which results in me worrying about things that are so irrelevant, but I try by all means to radiate positive thoughts.

And if you ever feel like your not important when you cut someone from your life please just just throw that thought away. Cause you are important alright! you are worthy and enough no matter what is going on around you or in your life and no one should tell you otherwise. But if you don’t start to believe in these things and take control of your life you may doubt and pity yourself resulting to unpleasant things such as taking your own life.

Wishing you light and positiveness on this journey of finding your brand values and living up to them 🙂