A word whispered
And hushed.
Once a month
It arrives announced.

Her skin takes hits
As her face gets zits.
While her burst swells
like inflated balloons.

The uterus sheds
Flowing like a run on sentence.
Punished for not being pregnant
She bleeds

A pain only understood by
Our sisters, mothers and daughters.
So she asks the adjacent girl
To check her back

Before it interrupts her
White favorite garments.
She dreams, laughs and cries.
Polite now, rude the next minute.

While men bleed to death
She bleeds preparing to create new life
And only she can see
The beauty in her blood. PERIOD!

Society displays condoms
In fancy boxes for free.
But pads are sold wrapped in dark boxes.

Thinking of it as a curse
When it’s a blessing
So my sisters
Bleed, bleed and bleed.

Introduce them to your insides
And leave an endless stain.
So they may see
So they may know.

Just how worthy
And unashamed you are.


Women go through a lot and they are always judged and discriminated. Periods how ever should not be seen as something bad, disgusting or disturbing. It should rather be looked at as a blessing and the most beautiful thing that could happen to a girl as she blossoms into a woman.