Storytime: My First Kiss

I don’t do storytime that often, but I found my diary of when I was young and recently remembered a couple of really funny stories and probably some of you guys can relate to them.

Today I’m going to tell you about my first kiss and it’s very awkward. A flash back to when I was 13 years old in the 9th grade.

The First Kiss😘

Being 13 was transitioning for me. So I was new to stuff, new to flirting with boys and talking to boys because I never did it before and boy was I a mess🤪. I had the biggest crush on this boy at school. I thought he was really cute and I just liked him; and he is probably reading this right now so awkward but whatever.🤭

It was a sunny day at school during our finals and it was a shity day. All I remember was me looking for him as he wasn’t in class or something. We had started dating in the last semester of the school year and it only lasted for like 3 weeks I guess. And you know in middle school you just date but never really do relationship stuff.

Anyways I had found him in the playground seated. As I approached him, he looked sad and being his girlfriend at the time I asked him what was wrong but he never really told me. He just said I shouldn’t worry and that everything was alright.

He then stood up and hugged me, I thought it was cute☺. Then guess what happened. Homeboy looked at me straight into my eyes and what do you think comes next when a guy gives you such a stare? Oh I don’t know, may be he saw something wrong with my face or maybe he just wanted to stare at me the whole day, I don’t think so😏.

‘OH NO’. I thought to myself in that moment. I didn’t know how to kiss, I didn’t know how one should move their lips and nose. It’s a first kiss for goodness sake and I was scared to my bones.

So as he leaned in for a kiss and held my waist😘😚 your homegirl took a deep breath and I closed my eyes. I then felt his lips on my lips. His tongue was in my mouth and my teeth banging against his. No offense but I’m sure his technique has improved. I was in shock😳and don’t get me wrong, 13 year old me was not a good kisser either. But for the record I can say that I have improved😉😋.

I was happy that I kissed a boy, well he kissed me; and that was the story of my first kiss. I haven’t really kissed a lot of boys in my life time.

Now that I actually think about it🤔, I only kissed two boys in my entire life😬😅…

But it’s cool😎. I believe that every one should experience a first kiss cause with it’s flaws comes wonders…🌼