Men are one of the most prestigious and rational beings on our planet…

Hello fam… Today I decided to post a poem about men to share with you what I think about them as a young woman…


Men All Around

I have known men.
Old men and young men.
Men, gentle as the morning breeze
Yet violent like poison.
Men, sharp as a tack
Yet dumb like clowns.
However; I don’t claim to know all men.

Being as stubborn as a mule
Men hardly listen.
Most men are all talk and no show.
For they believe in words and not actions.
They claim to know what manhood is,
Bluntly shifting their roles to women.
Allowing women to wear their pants.
Making them bread winners.

Unlike my father,
Most men never walked through glass.
Most men are immature,
For they are not about loving and caring
For their families.
Knowing that I can’t change these men.
I hope to God to find one
That doesn’t need changing.