Developing Emotional Intelligence

What Is Your Definition Of Emotional Intelligence?

For me emotional intelligence is the capacity of someone discovering who they are. Allowing them to not only control and understand their emotions but to manage other people’s emotions as well.

How Do We Develop Emotional Intelligence?

Self Awareness

Knowing oneself is one of the main aspects of emotional intelligence.

It allows an individual to stand up for themselves inhibiting people from using them however they like or manipulating them into doing things they themselves never thought of doing.


” Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”.

Vision plays an impotant role in developing emotional intelligence. It allows us to imagine and strategize the future with creative power and wisdom.

With vision, I believe that everyone has to figure out where they are heading. Being a student at a young age, I had to think about what I wanted to achieve in my life. I then set up goals for I had a vision for myself and in the end I actually achieved most of those goals.

When setting goals, set them with a vision to reach them. In short one should have ambition. Sometimes people with visions experience hardships. However they learn to accept challenges and fight for something bigger.

Decision Making

Decision making is another prominant issue that affects many people nowadays. Many societies believe that mostly women fail to make decisions on their own. Perhaps this would not have been the case if half of our society didn’t believe that men have to decide for women. They should at least open up a space for women and allow them to make their own decisions.

From my point of view, both women and men struggle equally in this area as they are influenced by people and society who sway them into different directions away from their purposes and values.

For example, some people are studying accounting when they are supposed to be teachers; but because of people’s voices telling them “What is best for them” or “Were the money at“. They forget their passions leading them into making mindless decisions.

Decision making should be something done in isolation, away from people and society. Last but not least people should learn to live life free from definitions, constraints and stereotypes of beauty and success.

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