Befriending A Narcissist

Being friends with a narcissist, one will never understand how toxic the friendship can be. Without further or do here is the untold scoop.

For me personally living or even being friends with a narcissist will make one go insane and trust me that’s not the least that can be said.

Explaining the truth

Narcissists are the type of people that think that the whole world and I mean “the whole world” revolves around them. They would want you to become their biggest fan and always be interested in their minor “achievements”.

My “friend” for instance is a narcissist and I truthfully thought she wanted me to be part of her life. So I did so much for her, but to her it was nothing. As far as I am concerned she never really appreciated the little I did for her. I realised that they take advantage of people and take one for granted. Moreover nothing is ever their fault, which I find very obnoxious.

A narcissist’s greatest power

Their greatest power would be that of manipulation and intimidation. This power comes into action where they tend to make threats and use aggressive words to keep others under their control.

An example is; a narcissist is blamed for making a friend believe that her cousin liked her, when it wasn’t even true. So the narcissist outbursts with anger instead of apologizing to her friend . On top of that she threatens and insults the friend for showing interest in her cousin. The narcissist was the one who led the friend on, and gave the friend false hope, making the narcissist look like she had no liability.

How to get away from a narcissist

One thing that I have learned is to be strong. Learn to resist and not to give into their ways, for they will never stop trying. Being a spiritual being myself, I would advise you to pray and meditate as well.

These are just a few things you can can do. Wishing you luck in dealing with this ill-treatment and remember “stay away”.

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